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“Pay-per-click” search engine advertising is a method of advertising your website where you directly pay a search engine provider such as Overture or Google AdWords only when a visitor actually clicks through to your site. This method of advertising is unlike our traditional search engine optimization services, which is based on maintenance fee that you pay to us. Properly setting up a pay-per-click campaign will attract the most relevant visitors to your website and maximize your spending budget.
Most pay-per-click search engines are based on a bidding system - the highest positions go to the top bidders. This means that a click is worth whatever you want to pay for it.

Pay-per-click search engine advertising can give your website a competitive edge, but it can also be very time consuming. You will need to determine what search terms to select, which pay-per-click search engines to use, and if your ads are actually effective.

Our pay-per-click management services can take care of all this for you. We have the tools and experience that allow us to manage pay-per-click advertising accounts as efficiently as possible. We will set up the accounts for you, and provide periodic reports as to which ads are bringing in the most visitors and at what cost.

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